Press Release: Original Crow Party Artwork Stolen!:

The original drawings of these and other illustrations were reported lost or stolen between shipment from California to an “All-Crow” art show at Manheim Township Public Library, police said.

Organizers of art and education campaign “Something to Crow About” cried fowl after 11 original drawings went missing during their migration from a California illustrator to an “All-Crow” art show at Manheim Township Public Library.

Team Crow representatives expected a package containing the artwork to be delivered by late October, well in advance of their event’s opening day Saturday.

Copies of the illustrations, by artist Nick McCarthy, were published in a children’s book entitled “Crow Party,” Lancaster police said.

Police released a statement from McCarthy and London J. Maddison, the book’s author, who are looking for leads.

“We were hoping it was just a mix up, or a misunderstanding and that they would be located by FedEx or one of the neighbors, but now it looks like the drawings were either lost or stolen,” McCarthy said in the release.

FedEx indicated the package was delivered, McCarthy added, but the drawings have not yet been recovered.

Team Crow expressed “extreme disappointment” about the missing artwork, according to the statement.

The group has searched unsuccessfully for the package, which also contains McCarthy’s original entry for another art project called “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird.”

“They were all originals and irreplaceable,” McCarthy said.

Maddison has offered an unspecified cash reward for the return of the drawings, which would be accepted with “no questions asked” at the library, 595 Granite Run Drive.

“We hope that this news will reach someone who found the artwork and that they can return it during ‘Something to Crow About,'” Maddison said.

The campaign features a series of events that run between Jan. 12 through Feb. 28. A schedule of events and more information can be found here.