Free Limericks


By London J. Maddison

It’s Sharks We Can Blame
The Kraken aren’t terrible beasts.
They do not hold large human feasts.
They’re kind and they’re tame.
It’s sharks we can blame,
For scaring the surfers and priests.

The Kraken from Hana
There once was a Kraken from Hana,
Who wouldn’t stay out of the sauna.
He got way too hot,
And gave up his spot,
Making room for a big green Iguana.

A Kraken Takes a Peach
There was a Kraken in Princeville,
Who had a few hours to kill.
It jumped on the beach,
Took a tourist’s peach,
Then slid to the sea down the hill.

Green and the Kraken

The Kraken don’t like to wear green,
It makes them look grumpy and mean.
So they might get a pinch,
And that will make them flinch,
On St. Patrick’s Day, causing a scene!

Crow Parties in March

“It’s March” cawed crows in the green park,
They partied ‘till way after dark,
And as luck would have it,
Their partying habit,
Made St. Patrick's Day quite a lark.

The Rowdy Crow Party

There once was a rowdy crow party,
Where apples and corn were quite hearty.
Three hundred and seven,
Crows flocked at Eleven,
Including our third cousin Marty.

I Like Things That Fly

I like things that fly in the air.
That challenge and gravity dare.
The birds and the bees,
And planes, if you please,
All flying around way up there.

Grandfather’s Garden

Your grandfather’s garden is fine
Until all the crows come to dine,
They’ll eat his tomatoes,
But leave his potatoes,
And snatch raspberries right off the vine.

Sunday Party

A crow party broke out on Sunday,
Leaving a big mess for Monday.
Their trash all blew down,
Across the whole town.
So clean up day wasn’t a fun day.

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