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Crow Party provides a whimsical look at the behavior of crows written in a tone of lighthearted
annoyance with the many incidents and antics that we encounter with our mischievous feathered friends.
The story is intertwined with snippets of advice in dealing with crows, from a lightly humorous
perspective geared at teaching observance of wildlife, acceptance of the “backyard sanctuary” and respect
for the creatures that have learned to share urban areas with people. From their “CAW, CAW, CAW”
communications calling their friends and family to their artful ways of stealing food from farms,
backyards and trash cans, it is a story of crows and their party-prone behavior, which teaches about their
interaction, communication and intelligence.

• The artwork of Nick McCarthy captures the very essence of crows in their party game. His
pointillism is a lively art form that brings the book to life.

• Crow Party is a humorous account of the antics and troublemaking of crows with an interwoven
theme of their intelligence and adaptability to the urban environment. Teaches outdoor
observance of birds and animals and fosters inquisitiveness, tolerance and respect.

Book Excerpt From The Crow Party:

It happens in the fall.

And some places, in the winter, spring and summer.

An explosion of jet black wings whooshing through the crisp cool morning air.

Flying in flocks like black pepper speckling the sky.

Landing like a black velvet blanket across the fields.

Perching on fences, in trees, and worst of all, in the wheat fields and the corn fields.

Hundreds and hundreds of them.

Their beady eyes are everywhere.

Shiny dark eyes that get lost within their black feathers.

Watching, waiting, planning their next move.

Their thick black beaks open to “CAW, CAW, CAW”.

The noise that makes dogs bark and cats cower.

The noise that wakes you up in the morning and disturbs the peaceful sunrise as often than a rooster

(although a rooster does crow).

• Crow Party:

• Author: London J. Maddison
• Illustrator: Nick McCarthy
• Publication Date: May 31, 2017
• Publisher: Lulu
• ISBN: 978-1-365-76873-6
• Retail Price: $18.95
• Page Count: 35
• Genre: Children’s
• Officially Available on: Barnes &,,

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